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  • Lisa Hubbell

Hardwood & Laminate Maintenance

Dust mopping a hardwood floor.

Hardwood is not that difficult to take care of, but you can make some serious errors when attempting to clean and maintain your wood floor. With any flooring product, maintenance is vital to the longevity and appearance of your floor. So read on for some tips on maintenance.

Check With Your Manufacturer:

Before pulling out that wood cleaning product advertised on T.V, check for your manufacturer's cleaning product recommendation.This is always the best place to start. Most manufacturers, and very likely all manufacturers, post maintenance tips online for their products. They will generally recommend over the counter cleaning products or their private label that won't damage the finish on your wood floor.

Say "No" to the Mop:

You and the mop may be long time pals accustomed to tackling dirty jobs together, but when it comes to hardwood you will do well to keep the mop far and away from your wood floor. When it comes to wood floor maintenance, keep this golden rule in mind: Water Is Not A Friend To Hardwood. Drips and spills are difficult to prevent, but they are unlikely to cause a catastrophe on your newly purchased wood floor, but do not think you can pull out a bucket of water and wet mop the floor. To do so is a sure and quick way to destroying your wood causing curling and cupping which is definitely something you don't want.

Say "Hello" to the Broom and Dust Mop:

Sweeping and dust mopping are the ideal choice for removing dust, grit, and crumbs; however, many people use a vacuum to expedite the process by disabling the beater bar. Keep in mind that there is a risk of scratching your wood floor with the vacuum, but if this method sounds appealing and convenient to you, then it is recommended that you test this method in an inconspicuous area.

Spot Clean:

So you have checked your manufacturer's recommendations for a cleaning product and you have removed as much grit, grime, and dust as possible via sweeping and dust mopping, but there is a spot of dried spaghetti sauce under junior's dining chair. Alas, enter in the manufacturer's recommended cleaning agent and a soft clean cloth. Just spray the cleaner on the cloth and gently wipe up the soiled area. Voila, you have just performed a spot cleaning.

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