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Carpet Styles


When elegance defines you, then plush carpet is the style for you. This style can also be referred to as “Saxony” by carpet purists, but most identify with the word “plush”. Created with carpet yarns densely and uniformly tufted together in tight formation, the surface is like a freshly mowed lawn with every blade of grass standing at attention. Typically, a pencil can stand upright in this style of carpet as the overall emphasis is numerous yarns tufted snugly together. If you were to compare this style to say that of a frieze or texture style, the number of yarns tufted into one square inch would be noticeably more numerous than a "looser" style carpet.

A few other traits of this style are:

The yarns are "thinner" in appearance to lending to a more saxony appearance where the individual yarns are difficult to distinguish from one another.

Each yarn is twisted significantly creating the "thinner" and finer appearance.

The numerous yarns clustered together makes it difficult to see the backing if you feel so inclined to spread the yarns apart to see the backing. If super plush is your style, then trying to spread the yarns to see how much backing is visible is a reasonable test for density.

Depending on the pile height, plush style carpet can compliment a variety of interiors ranging from traditional, practical, trendy, and formal applications. While you can install this style into any room in your house, it is most often installed in formal rooms including the living room and formal dining room. Furthermore, if you’re thinking this is your grandmother’s carpet, think again. While plush styles are typically available in solid colors like the good ole days, carpet designers have met the cry of the consumer to give them some fashion forward varieties. Today’s plush carpets are now also offered in heathered, flecked, and tone on tone options.

Plush style carpet.
Plush style carpet is luxurious with densely compacted yarns..


Are you looking to dress your rooms with the comfort of a plush style carpet without the formality of a plush carpet? Then texture style carpet is the perfect fit. Texture style carpet is similar to "plush" due to its pile being uniform in length as well as offering a cushiony pile; however, this is a more casual look as there are slightly fewer tufted yarns per square inch than a dense saxony-plush carpet and each individual yarn is a slightly chunkier than it's plush counterpart. While texture has a little less volume than plush, texture still delivers a comfy cozy feeling while being more relaxed. It's the difference of wearing dress slacks or your favorite pair of jeans. Both pants cover you up and look fantastic, but the slacks are for formality and your jeans are casual attire. Moreover, texture is no less durable than plush, particularly when choosing a nylon or triexta yarn.

Here's a double bonus: texture style carpet is considered a “trackless” carpet as it resists showing footprints and vacuum lines making it ideal for busy households, but don’t think quality or fashion is sacrificed in this very practical option. Like its cousin "plush", texture style carpets are also offered in heathered, flecked, and tone on tone options.

Texture style carpet.
Texture style carpet provides a more casual and comfortable look.


Pronounced “FREE-ZAY”, this is one cool carpet. The yarns of this casual, yet fashionable, carpet are tightly twisted, are often longer and thinner than plush or texture carpet, and are tufted with less yarns per square inch than other styles. These characteristics translate into a unique look with gently curling yarns that lend to a "tousled hair" look. This style is durable even though the yarns are designed to lay down verses stand at attention. A bonus to this style is that it hides footprints and vacuum lines. You can’t put the "freeze" on this style by offering it strictly in solid colors, frieze will heat up any room through the fusing of different colored yarns via the distinctive and attractive “barber pole” twist. This style is also available in two-toned palettes. Frieze is a great choice for bedrooms, family rooms, and game rooms or anywhere you want to add warmth and durability with a splash of fun and fashion.

Frieze style carpet.
Frieze style carpet has a loose tousled appearance.


When you’re all about the “bling”, then shag is your carpet. Shag is like frieze on steroids as the number one noticeable property of shag carpet is yarn length. Generally, the pile in this style is at least an inch long, but that’s not all that can distinguish this style from the rest. Thick and chunky yarns can be interspersed with thin and tightly wound yarns or perhaps you may have a few shorter yarns interspersed with longer yarns. Of course, the standard fare of earthy neutrals, traditional colors and multi tones are found in this option, but fun and fabulous bright colors such as bubble gum pink, are also offered in this style.

Shag style carpet.
Shag carpet is characterized by long and loose yarns.


Patterned carpet makes a stunning statement in any room and varies from brilliantly bold to sleek sophistication. Floral, romantic, scroll, geometric, and abstract designs can be found in this style so whether you need to finish off your tropical retreat, garden room, Victorian era home, or contemporary loft, consider a patterned carpet.

Patterned carpets are created with either all loop yarns or loop and cut pile yarns. They are always constructed with a low pile in order to display the pattern clearly. The low pile makes it an ideal style for populations that use walkers and wheelchairs to reduce friction while still providing the warmth and cushion of a carpet or simply because low pile is your preference but you do not wish to sacrifice style.

Pattern style carpet.
Pattern carpet makes a statement.


Whether it’s rustic or practical you’re looking for, loop style is as the name implies. Instead of the yarns being like blades of grass which you can run your toes through, the yarns are looped into the backing like rings of yarns snugly grouped together. Often referred to (though mistakenly) as “berber” carpet, loop is offered in chunky loops, tiny loops, multi-sized loops, uniform loops, solid colors and multi-colors. Pattern carpet can be made completely from looped yarns too. It’s a great choice for rustic and practical applications. Trying to create a nautical theme? Well captain, consider a chunky loop with multi-earth tones as if you have rope ready and prepared for use. Need a slip resistant and cushiony floor that can handle a walker? A tight loop low pile carpet is a respectable option. You simply like the look of loop? What’s not to like? Go for it!

Loop style carpet.
Loop style carpet compliments contemporary design.

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